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Sep 26, 2011 5:00am EDT
. someone grabbed the umbrella. this is a wart spout that developed over lake michigan. the water spouts are typically this time of the year. in lake michigan it's warmer than the air temperature. you saw the time lapse video. these are basically tornadoes, right? >> well, a water spout over the water tends to be a lot weaker than the structure of the tornado. it really is a funnel. you can see two funnels. that's marquette university in milwaukee as opposed to michigan. that difference in temperature can help create some of that with the lift that knish eated that. that was right about there. as you cross over lake michigan and this cooler air, temperatures in the 50s. you'll notice 32 international falls. there's cold air wrapping around just before the surface. that cloud level is chilly stuff as we are on the warmer side. there's this spin. there's this circulation. tornadoes and water spouts are different features. 10 days ago that was a water spout. this one, this is the circulation we were talking about last week. the well weather match looks so eeriely similar. the tropical feed
Sep 29, 2011 4:00pm EDT
politicians are afraid to lose the money they're getting paid to not talk about it. former michigan governor jennifer granholm knows full well the consequences of avoiding those debates. detroit still reeling from the financial crisis of '08. and as the governor argues the political talking points, whether it's on lower taxes or deregulations and markets simply ant the answer. jennifer granholm and her husband dan mullhern are authors of a new book, "governor's story: the fight for jobs and america's future." last i saw you, we were talking about the need to focus on efficiency rather than the fuel source debate as one example of the debates that america deserves that it does not get. explain to me how it is that we can get to having the debates that we all want to engage in, from efficiency and learning that health and jobs. >> dylan, the reason why we wrote this the book is because michigan's experience, really, what's happening to the nation now has happened to michigan over the past decade. everyone's scratching their heads about how to figure out how to create jobs in america in a globa
Sep 5, 2011 11:00pm EDT
, right here. >> in michigan, unemployment -- >> the wrong tape rolled. the story talk about the political aspects of the race. a political expert mentioned that because things went so well -- we have the story cued up. it should be airing momentarily. >> as a downtown street slowly return to normal, the focus of the inaugural grand prix slowly shift to the mayor, stephanie rollins break. -- blake. >> if there had been a disaster, if nobody had shown up, if there had been a murder or something, she would have been in trouble. >> matthew cranston is a political analyst. he says this was great. >> she had more at stake than the city did. because of the timing. early voting has already begun. it is just 10 days away from the election. this is a very risky operation. there are lots of things that could have gone wrong. if she gets credit, it is that things did not go wrong. >> the grand prix was successful all around. the mayor acknowledged some critics mistook the event as an opportunity for her to shine. >> this was never about me. it was about racing, tourism, and economic development, maki
Sep 16, 2011 5:30pm EDT
. gracey. a father and son fishing trip in michigan turned into a bizarre, but stunning rescue mission. that's.../ a... baby deer ...struggling to swim... in the waters.../ off... bay port, michigan...//. áátheáá father and son... rushed to help... / pulling... their... boat.../ up... to the deer...//. áátheáá dad... grabbed... its head.../ and... held it... above the water...//. áábeforeáá lifting... the deer... onto the boat..../ áátheáá... pair... returned the deer the shore...////. ááandáá... as... you can see,...// it... was happy... to get back .../ to... dry land. 3 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30."king of queens" is next. next.and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... 11...we'll see you later. later.
Sep 18, 2011 7:00am EDT
to leave his family or what he pays in taxes. host: michael from michigan, the president calling for a tax hike for those who make more than $1 million in the year. what do you think? caller: i think it is about time. steve, i want to tell you about an incident i had. during alcor's campaign, i gave $1,000 to the primary, $1,000 for the general, and $200 for the recant. i was immediately audited because i'm self-employed. since then, i actually dropped off giving donations over. a couple of years later, it happened again in the next cycle. they had people from the irs at threatening me and i paid it. and the following year, she said that i had paid my taxes twice. i will tell you after the arrogance of power, the story of richard nixon and how the irs was used against democratic contributors, and the democratic party should understand that. their contributors are being targeted by the irs. host: another comment from our twitter page. next is how joining us from albany, new york on the independent line. caller: i would first like to -- can you hear me? host: we sure can. caller: no one like
Sep 24, 2011 6:00pm EDT
president. >> both moved on to michigan. it is holding its own straw poll on sunday. in florida, michele bachmann needed to show she is still a top tier candidate. >> i have no doubt that president obama will be a 1-term president. for the others, florida is a fight for survival. " barack obama has been the best food stamp president in american history. parks this is the most important election in your lifetime. >> this economy is on life support. >> the trail to 2012 is getting shorter but not easier. >> the poll results are expected within the hour. we will bring you more details on the settlement,. today was the final date for the prosecution to sum up its case against amanda knox. the prosecution attempted to limit the damage from the overturned dna evidence. during the appeal, a forensics team concluded the prosecution's dna evidence was unreliable. the contradiction in the evidence gives her family hope that their daughter will be set free. >> i would like to believe that the truth is coming down in the appeals trial. what i see in that truth is so clear that she had nothing to do
Sep 25, 2011 6:30pm EDT
poll, >> met romney remains the favorite in his native state and today won the michigan straw poll. he to when and 50% of the vote. second place finisher, rick perry got 16%. today, nbc news held an all-a town hall to discuss issues in the classroom as part of the "education nation" initiative. teachers and officials were invited and brian williams held a discussion about approaches and new ways to reach kids. the summit included a conversation with the white the microsoft founder bill gates, melinda gates. when we come back, we will get a break from the rain in the weather. >> tomorrow, not bad and the rain chances go back up. >> at your 11 insta-weather + forecast with john collins. >> not a bad day today. the temperature got up to 88. some rain offshore with a few showers in the mountains and a few showers out to the west. the boundary still sitting there, more stalled. this is funneling moisture in our direction. we cannot take rain out of the forecast completely, but mostly cloudy skies with areas of fog. 65-71 the overnight low. kind of light today really with minimal rang chance
Sep 26, 2011 4:30am EDT
city, 60s across the great lakes. around lake michigan, some pretty impressive water spouts near milwaukee and chicago. this impressive low has been generally meandering from canada. bee were watching it last week. heavy rain chicago towards detroit. we're going to watch that area of low pressure slowly start to pull eastward towards the end of the week. we'll finally get in on some of that rainfall. weave been watching some moisture near the bahamas. today we're stuck with variably cloudy skies. tomorrow will be scattered rain showers. i believe this is the eastern fringe. it starts to pull into the area. wednesday afternoon we'll get into that. then we will start to bring in some of that colder air. this is mimicking a pattern we had three weeks ago. a lot of times, these things like to repeat themselves. that comes with colder air. today 77. actually 79. i don't know why that 37 is there. early drizzle and fog. that will give way to more fog. the sun is warming us up. typical repeating pattern has we head in through tomorrow. wednesday, 78, looking at strong storms,'s special
Sep 26, 2011 6:30am EDT
. it was milwaukee, wisconsin, off of lake michigan. love this time lapse footage from marquette university in milwaukee. this is what happens when you get cold air over warmer water. here's one more look. that is just gorgeous. nobody got hurt. there were numerous spottings, even down by chicagoland yesterday. let's take you back home. we have a fog issue eastern shore and queen anne's county. we had rain. there's some wet roads and spray, even light mist and fog to boot. temperatures range from mt. airy and reisterstown. 69 in edgemere. we'll go from near 70 this morning to basically a mostly cloudy skies. we'll get up to 79, an isolated shower but will increase that threat of rain for the middle of the week. dare i say a hint of frost. we'll talk about that. here's tonya. >>> i-97 before bent hill boulevard. this is is on the west side at frederick road. the outer loop has some volume. you're doing fine. no problems to report. we have a little bit of a slowdown. you may have delays starting at reisterstown road. charley? >>> an update on a story we brought you last night. a man was shot
Sep 21, 2011 7:00am EDT
there. host: grand rapids, michigan. steve, good morning good morning. caller: good morning. i heard your earlier comment about comment about -- i heard your earlier comment about the budget being very small. host: that's what advocates say. in comparison, about $5 billion. it is smaller compared to government's overall budget, as well as corporations. caller: i think you are very naive in the fact that when we want the u.n. to vote our way, we literally drive all these other countries, -- we bribe all these other countries, and we spend millions more than that to get the boat to go our way. when we do get a vote in the u.n., the united states carries the major weight. we use all our supplies, all our troops. you are wrong with the money. host: where did you find this data? where did you find the stated that the u.n. uses money to bribe. the united states, excuse me. caller: there are so many backdoor deals. if you vote our way, we will build you this dam, or we will do this or that. that goes on all the time. host: where have you read that? caller: where have i read that? that's jus
Sep 11, 2011 6:00pm EDT
, chicago athletic association, continental room on michigan avenue. i write here that he traced a chillingly accurate picture of the danger posed by islamic fundamentalism and his potential to release a virulent strain of terrorism on the world. old ideas had to be updated. he explains to the spellbound gathering old risk assessment model was advised. understood in the context of muslim thinking and had to be factored into our thinking of how twisted people could use this theme to create large acts of violence. he wrote at the time of the world trade center bombing, they were putting most of the eggs into the basket of the states that sponsor terrorism. he went on to say if you look at the world trade center bombings people that had been charged and convicted, they were egyptian, pakistani, kuwaity, iraqi and even u.s. persons all coming together. individuals pretty much identified because of their freedom to move across borders, they are bound by a jihad, religious belief as opposed to any nation or state that can quickly assemble or disperse. they beat the russians and beat on
Sep 26, 2011 5:00am EDT
of michigan, missouri, and texas, but not here. the relief is due to sharp decline in crude oil prices. the national average for regular unleaded gasoline is $3.51 per gallon, down from a high of $3.98 in early may. the national average is $3.50, down 9 cents from just a week ago. d.c.'s average is right around $3.62 a gallon, down from $3.73. virginia is the cheapest in our area. a gallon costs $3.36, 8 cents cheaper from a week ago. maryland is down 9 cents from $3.53 to now $3.44. over in west virginia, drivers are paying $3.59, down from $3.64. we have more good news. analysts are predicting that by november we may be paying as little as $3.25 for gasoline. tracee wilkins, live this morning in capitol heights where the gas prices here are $3.41 for regular. back to you all in the studio. >> not bad, tracee. thank you. >>> also dropping mortgage rates. they have fallen below 4%. the united states has not seen rates this low since world war ii. we, however, are not seeing a huge refinancing or buying boom because many americans are worried about buying because of the economy, and man
Sep 1, 2011 5:30pm PDT
and power. but with crews now here from colorado, michigan, iowa and north carolina, they hope they can get the lights back on much sooner, brian? >> and just one state out of 11 states still dealing with outages tonight. anne thompson, ridgefield, connecticut. >>> and as we track the new threat out over the atlantic, katia has strengthened overnight. into a full blown hurricane, but tonight, the storm has been downgraded again to a tropical storm. and again tonight, it still too early according to forecasters to tell when, where or if katia will impact the u.s. or if it will hook a right turn and go back out to sea as we're hoping. but there is a more imdiate threat, sadly. there's a weather system churning tonight over the gulf oflfexico, and it's looking likely it will become a tropical depression or perhaps a tropical storm over the next 24 hours. that could mean heavy rain for days. most important, most immediately this evening, they're already evacuating offshe oil rigs in the gulf of mexico and of coursf we are greatly concerned over new orleans, just days after the sixth anniversary
Sep 20, 2011 4:30am EDT
to be determined. >>> police in michigan suspect a crash that ended the lives of two people was due to drag racing. the two people killed were passengers inside a truck that smashed into a building. the driver survived and is expected to be charged in connection with the deaths. >>> big one that got away is a fishing story one florida teen will not have to tell. look at that. with the help of a friend, the 19-year-old captured a 12-foot long 300 -pound alligator. he was able to reel in the massive animal by pulling it on his boat with a fishing rod and killing it with a 44 caliber bang stick and harpoon. that's hard core. >>> and finally, the 25th annual harvest and herb festival is getting a lot of attention with a competitive event. it's the pumpkin chunken competition. they use a medieval apparatus to launch pumpkins and the team able to launch the furthest wins. but isn't everyone a winner when you're launching pumpkins? come on. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather let's check in with ryan phillips. >> i have not launched a pumpkin. >> you are not winning. >> go back to oh
Sep 29, 2011 4:30am EDT
multiple times but listed in stable but critical condition. >>> bank robbers in michigan barrelled down the road, attempting to avoid police in a rental truck. the suspects weaved through traffic, tossing money from the truck as police pursued. officers retrieved some of the cash before ending the chase and arresting two men. >>> in the nation's capital in what looked like a scene from a hollywood action movie a team of specialists repelled down the washington monument wednesday to inspect the damage done to the 5 50-foot marble structure by last month's earthquake. they hope to announce a timetable by mid-october for repairing and reopening the monument. >>> in iowa. one woman is getting a big green thumbs up from her community. she single-handedly transformed a city park to landscaping and sculpture. she does it on her own time and has become known as the park lady. >>> for a look at your national and regional weather dough men ka davis from wnbc 4 new york. good morning, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. we're still dealing with the same old weather across the east coast. onc
Sep 29, 2011 11:00pm EDT
to wait until after 7:00 a.m. for sunrise, 7:01. a new storm over michigan, dropping south and east. this will bring scattered showers and fall air, the coldest air since spring, set to move in this weekend. when the leading edge arrives, may be a brief shower tomorrow. the cold air moves over the region. clouds and scattered showers here, and in the mountains possibly snowflakes. that gives you an indication of how chilly the air is behind this storm. 70's tomorrow. a chance of a light shower. west wind on the day at five to 15 knots, winds -- waves around 2 feet. we could have wet snow over the weekend. 41, for the high. saturday night, temperatures go south. the forecast -- a 20% chance of rain tomorrow. much cooler on saturday with highs in the upper 50's. ocean city gets to near 80 tomorrow. the front moves off the coast and the weekend temperatures will be down. maybe low 60's in sunday. it is still the tropical seas and in the atlantic. ophelia is getting stronger. winds up to 85 mph. the storm almost faded away, but will become a category 2 hurricane as it heads east of berm
Sep 29, 2011 5:30pm EDT
-- a michigan woman sees what ácould be a tornado rip through her neighborhood and captures it all on tape. susan richardson spotted the possible tornado wednesday night. as richardson recorded its every move - -patio furniture was tossed around, a wooden swing set destroyed, and shingles were torn off roofs in the one was hurt... the national weather service has not yet confirmed if a tornado touched down. it will soon begin to feel more like fall. fall. chief meterologist vytas reid is standing by in the skywatch forecast center with a look at just how cool its going to get? get? 3 3 3 when news breaks.. you can access the latest information right on your cell phone. download the fox45 mobile news app for your droid or i-phone. in includes headlines.. traffic.. and weather conditions.. all at your fingertips. go to foxbaltimore dot com and look for "mobile" at top righthand corner of the screen. you... could... soon... follow.../ fox45.../ using... a... brand new... motorola... xoom! ááwe'reáá giving one... away....// áátoáá win.. / áág
Sep 30, 2011 9:00am EDT
's hometown hotspot.good morning, dawn.-- you come all the way from michigan for the festival... why do you like coming to sugarloaf?--a little birdie told me, your booth seems to always draw a crowd... could you show us some of the things you sell? sell? 3 3 3 the sugarloaf crafts festival is at the maryland state fairgrounds through sunday.for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. what do you do if you find out the person you love... is cheating?one of our facebook viewers wants to know... and we've got our expert in house with an answer. patty ann can also answer any questions you may have... give us a call right now at 410-481-45-45 you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7)) we're back with relationship expert doctor patty ann.she's here to answer any of your relationshhp questions.our phone lines are open now... call us at 410-481-4545...or send it to us on facebook or twitter. tom baltimore baltimore nakia wants to know, "what are some good tips on finding the right mate?" mate?"crystal asks, "what do you do when you find out your o
Sep 6, 2011 6:00am EDT
will be waived for remaining schools. >>> also storms have caused school district in michigan to shutdown. dangling putter lines are snapped. -- power lines are snapped. parents are word it's unsafe for the kids to walk to school or walk to the sidewalk. officials will decide whether to start classes wednesday. >>> irene delayed school but the power is on, back to school for everyone. sherrie johnson is live at perry hall with the first day of class. good morning. >> reporter: good morning charlie. excitement is definitely in the air. administrators are ready for all of the schools to be back. they are scheduled to open because of the outages, they have signing all over the place welcoming students. see the balloons here on this bench and the flowers, so festive. the sign in front of perry hall. a welcome sign for dr. harrisston and students and staff are here. dr. joe will make a stop here. students had a delayed start because of hurricane irene, so dr. joe decided to celebrate students return with a visit today. he actually plans to visit 7 schools along with members of the board of edu
Sep 14, 2011 5:00pm EDT
the mainline is. you see that out in the illinois and up through michigan and that is a significant cold front that's going to drop us in to the 60s for highs. as we go into thursday, maybe not thursday but friday and saturday look like we will be down to the 60s when the cool air pushes all this warm air out of the way. you can see the numbers, st. louis, chicago down in the 50s. chance for rain slim, could see a little bit of rain on thursday, and looks like friday will be dry and sunny and cool. you will notice that drop in the temperatures, still watching maria south of bermuda. probably going to impact bermuda but not as a hurricane as we go to the next 24 hours. overnight 67, cloudy, muggy, few showers overnight. we will keep the chance for showers as we see mostly cloudy skies and cooler weather in the 70's but drop another ten degrees on friday. tomorrow night starting to feel that 47 degrees. that will be a crisp night and the seven day forecast again, the trend here for cool weather action friday, saturday, not a lot of rain in the outlook, it does appear that things will remain dry
Sep 16, 2011 5:00am EDT
, taking our hurricane out to sea. good morning maria. yes we have high pressure streaming in from michigan. a lot of moisture with mid levels and high levels. the clouds will filter back in. what that is going to do in addition to the cool air is make you feel even cooler. definitely a sense of autumn in the air today. while we are dealing with that, also looks like the influence of the system coming up the coast. we'll be clipping some rain in ocean city. rain saturday night into sunday. my fellow runners heading up toward philadelphia for the marathon. temperatures down probably in the urban areas near 50. for us today again sun mixed with more clouds. mostly cloudy, 66 this afternoon. again in the 40s overnight with a mixture of clouds. moonlit, star lit. tomorrow 68, 70 on sunday. should turn nice. we'll get back there during next week. it is 5:22. >> reporter: train 505 is now on a 7-minute delay on the line. let's look at 95 and see how things are moving along on the live traffic camera. light traffic is still building. 95 southbound is also doing fine as we make your way. 895 south
Sep 19, 2011 5:00am EDT
in other parts of the country like illinois, indiana and california and ohio and michigan. >>> football fans are going to undergo extra security measures at nfl stadiums that started last week. usa today reports the nfl has new rules requiring fans to be searched from your ankles all the way up. last weekend week one a man snuck a stun gun into a game between the new york jets and dallas cowboys. three men were injured when he fired that weapon in the stands. >>> it was -- a boat show exploded and broke apart. also, what caused members of a football team to throw punches a minute before the game ended. we will have the details of that coming up in a bit. now, though, let's go up to new york for a check of this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: and in today's tech bites, it looks like facebook has another big change coming. the website is expected to launch a platform for sharing streaming media this week. that will allow friend to share the favorite music, tv shows and movies. the service would hike competition for websites that offer similar services. at&t is moving into the fast lane
Sep 19, 2011 5:30am EDT
to the north is plooking in sol -- locking in solid rain. michigan and wisconsin and northern illinois and northern indiana into ohioch the thinks be -- ohio. system will move into our direction and put the brakes on. our forecast model here this is just one of many computer model. this one actually paring down on the lower end of our rain threat but that will be there back into the mountain later today. and that throws clouds our way. so we expect to have sun and a mix of high clouds eventually the sun will fade out but we should have temperatures warming up over the next few days. pulling in the south eastern wind ahead of the system. when we head into tomorrow morning, and give our take the time with a grain of salt there will be showers that do line up. we could wake up with some wet weather as we go through tomorrow morning. and while you will notice not much action around central maryland, through the forecast period on wednesday morning, i do expect we will be in the general range of scattered showers and because of that south eastern wind is piled up a flood watch at least alon
Sep 21, 2011 4:30am EDT
is going to get cut off. it may settle somewhere southern great lakes, michigan, indiana, ohio, we are going to have to watch this pattern. this is really important, that area of low pressure is going to tap into the wind we have pulling up. this thing may start looking like what happened with lee, even though that was a tropical system area of low pressure stun stuck there. check out our forecast model with showers that pop up this afternoon and more moisture with the southeast early wind -- with the southeast wind. a chance of late showers and spotty showers and fog overnight. let's see if the fog is affecting anyone's commute. >> you definitely have to be careful out there. if you run into fog, slow down. visibility will be reduced. let's look at our live traffic cameras. the first one on 95 at 175. possible fog in this area but not so bad a little bit south in northern laurel. the fort mchenry tunnel, all the cars coming southbound. all of your lanes open right now. road work is clear so on 70 -- on 70. >>> this morning construction volunteers will sign up to take part in the e
Sep 21, 2011 5:00am EDT
of minnesota. going to have a slow crawl, drop itself around michigan or midwest ohio, indiana. it is going to park itself there. i want to show you right now, all the moisture and storms filing up from the southeast, this particular pattern developing storms around savannah, georgia and its way up coastal south carolina. all this added moisture pumping into the system. this is going to look like lee did. lee itself came onshore in southeast louisiana. dumped rainfall through the appalachians. this is not the same set up. we are going to take our low pressure and drop it to the south. you can see pumping in all this moisture. southeast winds this part of the world will always prove itself to add moisture off the atlantic. we have rainfall heavy tomorrow afternoon. this area of low pressure as we pump in steady, heavy rainfall. that is the problem here, get that old map out it this. morning fog could be thick, showers midday. quick peak at this forecast. maybe flooding on friday, 74. unfortunately, the threat of showers and storms continue through the bend into early next week. >>> camden tr
Sep 21, 2011 6:00am EDT
and may settle between michigan, indiana and ohio. that area of low pressure is going to do something similar to what tropical storm lee had done, although not the same system. that came out of the gulf and dumped almost a foot of rain in parts of maryland. this time we have actually tapped into a tropical type feed. that is going to combine with that area of low pressure that is going to lock everything and flow it up from the gulfstream and into the mid-atlantic. we could wind up with a few inches of rainfall, depending on where that low pressure happens to stackups and where it is going to lineup the conveyor belt of moisture. mostly cloudy and developing showers, 74. we can't really shake the moisture. 66 and fog and showers tonight. tomorrow afternoon we could have heavy rain. our best threat of flooding, showers linger in through the weekend. >> reporter: 70 westbound at maryland 97, that accident is clear. 29 southbound at frederick road, that accident is clear as well. the not so good news. let's take a live look at our camera at the beltway. volume in both directions. outer l
Sep 21, 2011 5:00pm EDT
developing system. it's just north of lake michigan here. chicago upper level low churning slowly in canada. tremendous amount of moisture coming up out of the south with the system. two localized areas of low pressure that both will provide the focus for rain tonight in to the day tomorrow and certainly in to the day friday. best predictions where this rain is headed, we could see showers around here thursday afternoon, but better chances for heavier steadier rains friday evening and afternoon sp it does look like the heaviest maybe more along the coast, that would mean western maryland and central maryland with showers. heavier steadier rain for the delmarva peninsula. ophelia, tropical storm, turning its way across the central atlantic. when they are this far out we are using satellite data to determine the strength on the storms. we will see what ophelia does in the days and weeks. 67, scattered showers, muggy with fog. tomorrow, 78. still the chance for developing showers, late day scattered storm possible. showers, foggy tomorrow night. we keep the theme going. it's not the best theme
Sep 22, 2011 4:30am EDT
south but will eventually do so across michigan and watching disturbances wrap their way around we have the moisture up the east coast. we could highlight the plume of moisture coming out of the central plains all trying to come into the whole central pattern with the disturbance coming out of the gulf of mexico and one larger disturbance right now that one poise today reach us perhaps tomorrow night in through saturday. we have a couple of rounds of heavy rain, but it depends on where the upper low settles. i showers and storms somewhere between baltimore, salisbury and ocean city. the heaviest rain on the eastern shore. continues to pump rain into the region and looks like friday afternoon it is going to be wet and we'll watch the real heavy rain maybe just off the coast or clipping ocean city. 74 is our two degree guaranteed high and showers and storms will continue overnight. how about traffic. >> reporter: 50 westbound at the bay bridge, we have a broken down car at the right lane. also a reminder, the ramp to 100 westbound will be closed until mid fall. let's take a live look at t
Sep 22, 2011 7:00am EDT
be anywhere along these tracks. in the u.s., that means from eastern texas, crossing up through michigan. or possibly just south of florida. >> it's just not under control at all. and that makes it very difficult to predict where it's going to come down. >> reporter: space junk falling out of the sky is more common that you might imagine. it's been raining down on us for 50 years. from the piece of sputnik iv that landed in wisconsin, to parts of a cosmos rocket that landed in kansas, texas and oklahoma. even part of a booster rocket that landed in wyoming this march. the best-known space litter is skylab, which fell into western australia in 1979. but in 1997, a fragment of material from a delta rocket actually landed on a person. lotte may williams, while she was out for a walk in tulsa, oklahoma. >> i started running. then, as i took off, it hit the ground. and it sounded metallic. >> reporter: she may have been surprised. but she wasn't hurt. so, what advice does the only known victim of falling space junk have for the rest of us? >> my advice is to be outside. if you see it coming,
Sep 22, 2011 5:30pm EDT
dozen fast moving pieces of space junk will come out of the sky and strike ground in texas or michigan, or florida, or maybe into the ocean. >> it just -- not under control at all and that make itself difficult to predict where it'll come. >> reporter: don't panic, that is what then. now they say its clear the bus sized satellite will crash north of australia or near the coast of chile, maybe. as this shows most of its expected to burn as it comes in but about two dozen pieces are expected to fall to earth as far as five hundred miles apart. the odds of anyone being hit are long, about one in 3200, but it happens. >> the chance of getting in a car wreck is one in 16, so, this isn't really much to worry about. >> reporter: just ask lonnie. she was walking when she was struck in the back in 1997 with a piece of a rocket and the only known victim of falling space junk has advice. >> my advice is to be outside if you see it coming, run. >> reporter: to put it in perspective the odds of being hit by lightning are one in a million but it happened to tom burnett three times. so when it com
Sep 23, 2011 5:30am EDT
after a blast in michigan tuesday. police say the bomb went off while the three were in the car. all survived. local and federal investigators are now working to determine why that attorney was targeted. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of any suspects. >>> well, there is some good news to report on recovery. a california man nearly beaten to death after a baseball game. family members say he is speaking for the first time in nearly six months. he was san francisco giants fan attacked after attending the giants dodgers home opener in los angeles. he spent march 31s in critical condition ever since. often their website, the family says bryan was able to remember his own name and birthday and he is also remembered the name of his kid. >>> well, call it a false start or just practice. remember that woman who started the swim between cuba and florida. she may be at it again. and look who is speaking up for the justice department. on $16 muffins and $8 cups of coffee. one well-known hotel is saying not too fast. you're watching good morning america.
Sep 25, 2011 11:00pm EDT
time in months, gas is under three dollars a gallon in places like michigan, missouri, and texas. but we're getting close. $3.23 in edgewood, $3.25 oka roll fuel back, and analysts predict we would be under $3.00 by november. you can get the latest prices by going to our website, look under gas prices. >> many of you just saw a new abc show, pan am. now the story of the real pan am girl. >> shirley mcmahan lived the life of a pan am stewardes in 1955. >> while the show looked glamorous, shirleyly sets us straight. >> i want to see the world. >> i'll become a pan am stewards. >> i always wanted to be one. i don't know where it came from. i went to ohio state two years, and i waited until i was 21 and then i applied to pan am. >> at the time, there were not many career options that fit her needs. >> there was only nursing or teaching, neither of which i wanted. >> what shirley wanted was to friday overseas. because she spoke spanish she influence to latin-american countries. she got a big kick out of watching a pan am promo. >> are you wearing your girdle? >> yes, ma'
Sep 26, 2011 6:00am EDT
haven't seen this video of water spout over lake michigan, stick around. we'll show you that. north of chicago it got dicey yesterday. this morning that low pressure sitting on top of them, so hefty rains wrapping around that low. the weather map looks so much like it did a couple weeks ago with the remnants of lee. this one dropped out of canada. it's tapping into moisture coming out of the bahamas. we're going to increase our threat of showers. this is wednesday morning. we'll take that slug of moisture and bring it in our direction. 79 today after an early morning drizzle and fog with a few peeks of sun. more showers tomorrow. better chance of heavier storms on wednesday. then we start scaling back, mid-60s with lows in the 40s or frost deep inland. >>> we have an accident reported in the city. also, 95 northbound we have some emergency roadwork going on. let's take a look at our live traffic cameras. heavier on the outer loop. harrisburg expressway to the left. drive times are doing okay. 83 southbound. six minutes traveling 95 from wash -- whitemarsh. back to you. >>> health ne
Sep 29, 2011 6:30am EDT
it spun up in michigan yesterday. we will be replaced with mother disturbance moving into the area. so we will get this one out of here this cold front will move into the area going through tonight and tomorrow bringing cooler air in here especially as we head into the weekend. so temperatures will feel much cooler. downright chilly i might add. now speak of chilly, it's not chilly as we head to the tropics. and we are talking about the tropics because it doesn't end until the end of november. we have felipe and ophelia out here. they are not doing anything or affecting us and that's what we like to hear. we are dealing with the chance of showers and thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon but mainly dry especially this morning. looking at future radar going into saturday, i told you the next disturbance moving in, that's where eye it could bring showers in here into next saturday. the temperatures around 77 degrees and showers and storms today. humid once again and we will be dealing with the warm weather. temperatures above average. by tonight, the temperature will be around 57 degree
Sep 29, 2011 5:00pm EDT
chicago and michigan next coldfront and this is going to really drop the temperatures friday night and begin to provide more cloud cover for saturday. i don't think we will see much rain at all. saturday looks cloudy and quite cool. tomorrow in the dry sector over the midwest. the really cool stuff will punch in as we go towards the first half of the weekend. the trend tonight partly cloudy skies. i think we stay generally dry. a few clouds around friday. the cold shot of air could trigger a couple of patches of drizzle in early saturday. i think the main thing is the cloudy cool start to the weekend. sunshine back for sunday. still two tropical storms out there. we can get these well into october. tropical storm ophelia likely to become a hurricane but stay well offshore. your forecast for tomorrow 75- degrees. that is your 2-degree guarantee. we will see breezy weather around tomorrow, as well. tomorrow night temperatures begin to drop. you are headed out on friday night be ready for much colder weather than we have had. get the long sleeve and fleece ready. your seven day foreca
Sep 5, 2011 12:00pm EDT
to know that we will not let michigan become a right to work for less state. [applause] we will defeat financial martial law by standing together, fighting together, and winning to gather. i am proud to stand with my brothers and sisters from detroit anytime, anyplace. god bless you and happy labor day. [applause] now i am very pleased and honored to introduce the woman who stands with working people every single day, a real warrior for working men and women who has lifted up the department of labor so that it works for working families again and again and again and again and again. please welcome our warrior and friend, the secretary of labor, hilda solis. [applause] >> thank you. all right, how is everybody? is labor in the house? [applause] happy labor day, detroit. [applause] it is great to be back in the motor city and especially with my good friend, r,ich trumpka and all of our union leaders and a former congressional colleagues also here. give them all round of applause, please. [applause] and of course, it is so exciting to be here with you in detroit. the auto industry is roar
Sep 10, 2011 5:00am EDT
, and that is creating showers through northwestern pennsylvania all the way through detroit, michigan. we are still near this as we go throughout the day. we can't guarantee a completely dry forecast. lee has been impressive. widespread flooding reported over the last couple days. here's a -- what happened sunday through thursday with lee, and in the shadings of gray, that's nearly a foot-plus of rain that fell over areas like howard county and up toward baltimore county. now, this is an estimate. they are a little above normal, but we have seen wide-spread areas of 6 to 12 inches of rain. flood threats continue even though the worst of the rain has gone through. the susquehanna river is about eight feet above flood stage. the good news is, the river is starting to recede, but flood waters will take a while to recede. our next storm is tropical storm maria. she is heading off toward the west, and it's going to affect the lesser antilles. eventually she will start to head close to florida, and that's going to keep her in mind. if you are heading toward our coast this weekend, it is not too bad. especiall
Sep 10, 2011 6:00am EDT
a band of showers from the jersey shore all the way back toward detroit, michigan. this is mostly up to our north now, so we are starting off the day dry. however as we go throughout the day we could still see some of that moisture creep in, therefore there is the possibility of more showers and storms. that's the last thing we want to hear. we don't need any additional rain. we saw coastal flood advisories out to d.c. flood warnings continue for cecil and harford counties. along the susquehanna river which is still five feet above flood stage. although it has been receding. a couple feet have receded in the overnight hours. this is what we recorded from the remnants of lee. southern pennsylvania more than 15 inches. hunts valley, 10 inches. we saw a lot of localized areas anywhere between 6 to 12 inches throughout this event. throughout the day we are expecting dry weather at ocean city. a few clouds in the sky. clearer skies into the night with a few clouds. for tomorrow, the possibility for storms there. we have the big ravens game take ong the steelers tomorrow afternoon. there m
Sep 23, 2011 4:00pm EDT
, dramatic videos of the moments after a michigan family's station wagon goes up in flames. >>> and appeal for justice. american student amanda knox, walks into a courtroom to hopefully find her freedom. >>> heavy rain today. and the first warning weather team is tracking the storm. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk. but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromise on taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. >>> well, getting a first look at the moments after a car bomb explodes inside a michigan family's car. [ sirens ] >> police say a sophisticated bomb went off, while an attorney ask his two sons were in a station wagon. all three survived and are now recovering in a hospital. authorities are still trying to determine who is responsible and why they were targeted. >>> in today's wjz healthwatch, new mothers may have another reason to breast-feed. a new study in the journal pediatrics, finds a connection between breast-fed babies
Sep 20, 2011 7:00am EDT
alters tone and tactics." here is one twitter message -- host: doreen, clinton township, michigan. caller: first off, i will vote for president obama. i think he is the most connected president we have ever had. second of all, i am sick and tired of people blaming him for this mess. he did not create this mess, congress created this mess. those people, spending our money, which they should not have been, i think that he needs to get tougher. mr. boehner is nothing but a pompous idiot. he did nothing to help our president. i am sick and tired of what is happening in congress. host: we are running out of time. i will jump in ike -- i will jump in here so that we can get more viewpoints in. you can leave a comment on our c-span page on facebook. here is one -- host: pat, for the duck, california. caller: i believe that he is trying to do everything that he can for the country. mitch mcconnell and all of the rest of the republicans, they need to sit down and try to work together. which president obama has tried to do for some time. it is to the point now where he is a little frustrated. peopl
Sep 2, 2011 7:00am EDT
of the players of fourth and high in dearborn, michigan, are muslims. for the last month or so they were fasting all day. >> no food or water from sun-up 'til sundown, not good timing getting ready for a long season. what the team chose to do is remarkable and a lesson for everyone. we'll have that story just ahead on "the early show." get america's favorite coffee for america's favorite single-serve brewer. try all five delicious varieties, only at dunkin' donuts stores. let's take a look at the forecast, gray skies, no showers. we had a little bit of light rain overnight. for another half hour i will keep that graphic in place. 83 degrees going to be the high. tonight partly cloudy 65. tomorrow partly sunny, 88 degrees. pretty darn good weekend. over to sharon gibala with the traffic. . good morning, we pick up accidents, one on a major roadway, 795. southbound direction. watch for crash in randal, elm cross, another one in one at olds pore, one on st. paul at east preston. there is a look at your speeds and drive times in the beltway. life look at the topside, stop and go there at harford ro
Sep 12, 2011 7:00am EDT
. >>> this is surveillance video of a walgreen's in michigan. it's been roged. the pharmacist pulls out a gun. scares the thieves away. instead of being hailed as a hero, the pharmacist got fired. he's suing walgreen's. it's a complicated one. >> it is. >>> and the 3-year-old dolled up as a pretty woman, a la julia roberts. her mother takes on the critics who say, her daughter looks too sexy, too soon. >> people will be weighing in on that. >>> and then j. lo. she gave her fans a thrill of a lifetime. >>> first to the attempted heist caught on tape. a pharmacist foiling a robbery. apparently saving the day. why did he lose his job? dan harris has more on the incident and why the man is now suing walgreengreenwalgreens. >> on the video tape, you'll see a night shift nightmare play out in real time and you can decide whether an employee was reckless or heroic. it all plays out on this harrowing surveillance video of a walgreens fapharmacy. it's 4:30 in the morning. the pharmacist is sorting medications behind the counter. two armed men wearing masks enter. immediately, they start pointing their guns at
Sep 6, 2011 12:00pm EDT
time where maybe that paradigm has changed. i just don't know. >> host: shelbitown, michigan is next for lynn on the republican line. >> caller: yes, good morning, gentlemen. i just wanted to throw this out there. i've been thinking about this for quite some time actually. up here in michigan, we've really truly have lost a full decade. we went through eight years of a democratic governor that came in with all kinds of hopes, kind of like this president. with, you know, going to change things and turn things around. and she came in with like a 69% favorable rating. she left with 16%. you just look at detroit, people keep bringing that up and they are absolutely right. it's had 50 years of single party rule and it's just terrible. so if you want to really take a snapshot of what this president is about to do, just take a look at what michigan's at and that's about all i have to say. >> host: any correlation? >> guest: well, it's interesting the second caller who used michigan as kind of -- to suggest the whole country is becoming michigan. >> host: uh-huh. >> guest: there's a correlat
Sep 5, 2011 5:00am EDT
with workers in detroit, michigan. he'll discuss efforts to create jobs and strengthen the economy. this visit comes after a dismal jobs report that said employers stopped hiring during the month of august. many economist expected 90,000 new jobs to be added. president obama will outline what the white house is calling a comprehensive job creation plan this thursday during a joint session of congress. >>> the attorney for gary giordano says he's going to file an appeal against an aruban judge's latest ruling. the judge ruled that giordano has to stay in that jail in aruba for another 60 days. giordano was connected to the disappearance of robyn gardner who went missing a month ago while snorkeling off the caribbean coast there. he's not opinion charged with a crime, but investigators believe he purchased an insurance policy for the trip and tried to cash it after gardner went missing. >>> and today, amanda knox returns to court to appeal her murder conviction. knox and her now-ex-boyfriend both accused of killing her roommate in italy in 2007. prosecutors say knox's dna was found on the knife
Sep 30, 2011 3:00am PDT
along the shore of lake michigan and some of the waves here could be well over 20 feet crashing onshore. obviously in the way of showers as well. the big story is the wind and a cool front which will kick out. sitting and spinning here. unfortunately, this was not moving all that fast either. sticking around the northeast. some of these -- this temperature, getting to the east coast. 76 in new york today. but 59 in chicago. because the wind, a lesser extent the metros and san francisco. pushing everything out 15 to 20 degrees below average is what we expect over or the weekend. going to be chilly. and a category 2 storm passes by bermuda heading out again. bioluminescence, the red tide. at night when these phytoplankton, the waves actually glow. >> that's awesome. >> look at this. maybe a couple more weeks. if you live in socal, check it out. >>> the question this morning, was herman cain fair when he said african-american voters were brainwashed. i know you heard him say think, but just in case, here it is. >> why is the african-american public -- >> many african-americans have been br
Sep 3, 2011 7:00am EDT
're familiar with out there. host: michigan, curtis on our democrats line. caller: ok, i'm from michigan. i am a disabled veteran. i got shot up in vietnam. and i'm struggling with the housing market, too. and i'm water. i'm on the water and when they gave me this loan, bank of america took 80% and put 20 with gmac. charge me 11.5% and bank of america is charging me 6.7%. and i'm having problem problems. can't get refinanced. and until president obama or whoever does something about the housing, that's going to be a problem. people cannot afford their notes. and they won't give us a modification or help. i've [inaudible] now he said he's got to help me but i've got to give him $1,000. and i'm scared it's a fraud. i can't afford to give him the down payment. he said he can help me but i've got to give him $1,000. now why? guest: now, i don't know who it is that you're talking to. i should say it sounds like something you should look into before you spend your money. but you're certainly right that loan modification programs are a big topic of conversation because the mortgage issue still a big
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